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A link to Charlotte's short story...

Hello Charlotte,

Oh, very well done! You build the suspense so well as the boys enter the cave then you add a little twist that made me laugh, the dragon ran away scared of the boys. It seems the dragon was really a softie.

Your story reminded me a little of a gentle, invisible dragon named Elliot and his friend Pete. They were in a 1977 movie entitled, "Pete's Dragon". I've found a link on a movie database if you are permitted to take a look. It shows images of Elliot and even includes some clips from the film...

Pete's Dragon was around when I started teaching. My first full time school was in an isolated place way out in western New South Wales (my state). A new wall had been built and I decided to paint a cartoon character on it. If you look at the photo of that school below, on the right you can see a wall with a dragon. That's Elliot.

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Thank you for sharing your short story. 🙂


Teacher, NSW, Australia

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