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On Your MARK … Get SET … GO!

A very busy time involving around 300 hours work (from rehearsals, photography, filming, editing and producing) on a twin DVD set then travelling a total of around 1400 kilometres delivering them to 15 schools (some more than one visit) meant this is the first extended comment since July 9th. With the Northern Hemisphere on summer vacation, I spent more time on special fiction writing groups I visit. What a wonderful surprise it is to see, by chance, the first extended comment since July goes to a class blog I have so often visited. Here goes...

It's Just a Dot

Have you ever heard someone say it's only them and so what can they do? Your Dot Day post had me thinking about this. I thought I would share my thoughts with you through a short video clip I posted to You tube for you...

Schools and students have permission to use this video clip for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Making Your Mark

I watched your video clip about how you will make your marks and was very impressed by all of your ideas. They were of helping, persevering, caring for the environment and trying to be brave and do your best.

I hope I have all of the names from your video and they're spelt correctly.

Lane - Helping others is an outstanding way to make your mark.

Isaac - Using less electricity helps conserve resources.

Peng Peng - Being kind to other adds happiness to the lives of others.

Kelly - Trying your best and helping others will help you grow into a wonderful adult.

Hilary - Never giving up on something important is a way to make a difference.

Kale - Trying hard means you will always put your best effort into things you care about.

Hannah - Helping others who are sick or hurt suggests you might want to be a doctor or nurse. Caring for others is very rewarding.

Laurie - Being brave enough to try new things means you can face future challenges.

Aya - Persevering and helping others needing help means you will make a difference.

Noam - Smiling can bring brightness to a dull day and light into the hearts of those who share a smile with you.

Claire - Together with Noam, I think you will make the world a happier place.

Jenna - Helping others not knowing what to do is important. We should share our skills and knowledge with others.

Kennedy - Being kind to people shows them you care and helps them feel good about themselves.

Daniel - Being helpful adds to the happiness of others and rewards you with smiles.

Ethan - Helping everyone even when it's hard means you will make the world a better place.

Catherine - Cheering people up when they're sad is very important. Happiness brings health.

Alex - Making the world a better place is always a good goal and recycling is one part of the goal.

Sam - Helping your family can start you on a path of helping others. People who help others make a difference.

Zyne - What a great idea. I like to try to find ways of using things again. When we do this, we are part of recycling.

Cohen - Picking up litter gives us a tidy environment. Helping others gives us smiles.

Thinking About Dots, what would be mine?

I looked back on my life and wondered what a suitable dot for me might be. I thought what better than a dot made up of hundreds of faces from my classes over around five years. You saw it briefly at the end of the video clip. Here is my dot showing how I have made a mark...


This graphic should not be used without written permission from me.

This graphic should not be used without written permission from me.

Have I ever been faced with a challenge that I have overcome by PERSEVERING?

What an interesting question you've asked. I suppose I have faced many challenges in my life but that is part of living. A life without any challenges, no matter how small they might be, can be very empty. It's through life's challenges and how we deal with them we grow as people. Here are some of the challenges I've set myself...

When a boy, I was a Scout. I set myself the task of gaining the highest awards as a Cub (Leaping Wolf badge), Scout (Green Cord) and Senior Scout (Queen's Scout Award). Below is a picture of my Senior Scout shirt I still have. It's now over 40 years old.

Scout uniform

When I was seven, I set myself the goal of becoming a teacher. By high school, I was collecting things I thought might be useful (including newspaper clippings of the first landing on the Moon). I decided I wanted a science degree even though I wanted to teach primary school. Most primary school teachers back then had diplomas and not degrees and few now have science degrees. My curiosity of the world around me and how it works drove me into science, a curiosity I tried to share with my students. Below is a photo on the day I received my Bachelor of Science degree (I should have worn a suit).


This graphic should not be used without written permission from me.

This graphic should not be used without written permission from me.

When computers came along, I set myself the task of learning how they work and what I could do with them. There weren't any classes to teach you how back then so I had to learn by myself. I started back in 1975 and am still learning about them and what they can do. I have been persevering with computing and technology for around 38 years now and have shared my knowledge with others. The photo below was taken 15 years ago so the students in the photo are all now adults facing their own challenges.

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

It's the challenges we face in life and how we deal with them that make us the people we are.

2 thoughts on “It’s Just a Dot – for Global Grade 3

  1. The Battalion Bloggers

    Hello Ross!

    Thank you SO much for putting so much time into an extended comment for our Dot Day post! We LOVED the video you made because it REALLY made us SMILE. We really LIKED how you SNUCK smiley faces into some of the dots as you added more to create a picture! 🙂 Mrs. Renton told us you created a happy face for last year’s bloggers for Dot Day! It was really COOL to hear your VOICE, Ross … most of us have never heard an Australian accent before and we LOVED it! We don’t think WE have accents … but … we wonder if YOU would think we did if you could hear US speaking! (This was a FUN conversation!!!)

    Ross … you are a person that we hardly know … you are on the other side of the world … and yet you took SO much time to write to each and EVERY one of us. It made us EACH feel AMAZING! Thank you! 🙂

    We really like your dot, Ross, because it is different than all the other dots we have seen since reading The Dot! It is cool that you put all the kids you have taught inside your dot.

    Some of us think we would like to be: geologists, teachers, hockey players, dancers, hair dressers, paleontologist, fashion designers, doctors, football players, veterinarians, physio-therapists, inventors, lego designers, scientists, game designers … the list is long!!! We also know that by the time we are grown up … these dreams might change! So … we think it’s COOL that when you were seven you had a dream to become a teacher … and you made it HAPPEN! THAT’S persevering! 🙂

    We wonder how long you were in scouts for? We think it’s neat that you still have your scout’s uniform. Mrs. Renton told us that SHE still has her BROWNIE uniform. *If she can find it … she might bring it in to share with us!

    Thank you SO much for your lovely long extended comment! We hope to see you back again soon!

    The Battalion Bloggers 🙂

    1. rossmannell

      Post author

      *This reply also appears on the Battalion Bloggers blog.

      Hello Battalion Bloggers!

      What a week it’s been since your wrote this reply. I released the latest school DVD last Friday and yesterday (Wednesday) I was invited to go whale watching with people from my favourite animal sanctuary, Potoroo Palace. At this time of the year, whales migrate south along our coast to Antarctica for the summer. I would have seen around 20 humpback whales. I will be preparing a post about the whale watching on one of my blogs soon I hope. I’ll let you know when.

      One of the strangest things about the picture was the appearance of the smiley faces. They were accidental and a result of something I call half toning. I was happy someone else noticed them. They made me smile when I saw them. 🙂

      When I was your age, I had ideas of being a steam train driver (they still pulled normal trains back then) or perhaps a fireman but the only idea that really stuck came when I was 7. I wanted to be a teacher. Being a teacher allowed me to explore so many different subjects and share what I learned with others.

      I started as a Cub when I was 7 and ended as a Senior Scout at 18 so I was a Scout for 11 years. I was also a Scout leader for a few years but haven’t been for many years now. I do have many memories and still enjoying being out in our national parks.

      Now, I am about to start on a blog post to give some more information and photos arising from our comments on your “Welcome to Grade Three” post ( post ). I have been able to scan some old 35mm slides to add photos no others have seen for many years. I’ll post a link to it when done.

      Ross Mannell
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia


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