Sharing a drumming experience

Miss Jordan's class has been learning techniques for playing African drums. To see their original post, click the link below...

Drumming in Music

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Hello Miss Jordan and Class,

Your Drumming in Music post fascinated me. In my years of teaching, I didn't have the opportunity to learn and share African drumming with a class but in more recent years I have produced DVDs for a multi-school performing arts festival and been able to experience them.

The use of African drums has been spreading throughout my area. One school has even dabbled in Japanese Taiko drums. It's the rhythm and coordinated beat of many drums I really enjoy. I can't share the actual video visuals of the performance online but I can share the audio track of a performance I filmed in 2013. What you hear is the work of 12 primary school students who had been practising throughout the year leading up to their performance in Term 3.


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Ella left a comment asking what Taiko drumming sounded like. Below is the sound of 14 primary school students performing at the same festival as the African drums. Again, the visuals can't be shown.


3 thoughts on “Sharing a drumming experience

  1. Ella

    Hi Ross Mannell,
    Thanks for writing a post about drumming in music. I really appreciate it.

    Wow, Japanese Taiko drums sounds awesome! I would love to experience and play some different drums. I wonder what they would sound like?

    Thanks for writing this post,

  2. rossmannell

    Post author

    Hello Ella,

    I have added the sound of Taiko drumming to the post above. You can hear the difference in the way they are played. Hands aren’t used in Taiko. Drummers use different types of drumsticks. 🙂

  3. The Battalion Bloggers

    Good MORNING, Ross!!!

    We know that you are STILL sleeping … because New South Wales is exactly 16 hours AHEAD of us!

    It seems SO weird to be writing this comment on May 21st at 9:40 am KNOWING that it is ALREADY May 22nd … and only 1:40 am YOUR time!!!

    We REALLY wanted to wish your blog a HAPPY, HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY … and we KNEW we had to do it the day BEFORE the 22nd!

    We want you to know just exactly HOW much we have loved learning through this blog that you do for SO many students and their teachers around the world!

    Here are just a FEW of the things we have LOVED about sharing this learning journey with you:

    – you’ve extended our learning by sending us extended comments that have helped us to go even deeper in our learning.

    – we’ve learned TONS about Australia … and if you didn’t share that amazing information on your blog with us, we wouldn’t know so much about Australia!

    – we really loved learning even MORE about bilbies … an animal we would have known NOTHING about if it weren’t for YOU!

    – we’ve loved reading your posts … even the ones for other classes!

    – we have loved every single ONE of your posts and we think it’s SO generous of you spending your free time researching and commenting on class blogs!

    – we love how, if we ask questions, you ALWAYS answer them! That makes us feel PRETTY happy! It’s nice to have another teacher … on the other side of the WORLD!

    Mrs. Renton showed us all the photos of your Panboola bioblitz! We wonder … was that YOU holding the scorpion? Gulp! That is SO brave! Many of us ALSO think that we have a NEW Australian animal to add to our top favourites list … the marsupial mouse! We are VERY excited to read your posts about THAT adventure TOO!

    Happy Birthday to your blog, Ross! We hope it has a VERY special day … and we will be hitting refresh throughout the day to see a photo of its birthday cake!

    The Battalion Bloggers 🙂

    PS We tried VERY hard to make an audioboo of us singing Happy Birthday to your blog … but … for some strange reason, it wouldn’t record for us this morning!


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