Bronte asked visitors to her blog if they could finish her story

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Can You Finish the Ending?

Bronte's story beginning...

I had to get away. I was pushed too far in this lesson, and in my life, I wanted to keep Stormy, my beautiful black horse. I galloped towards the forest, tears streaming down my face; I had to get away from this terrible place. As I entered the forest, I waited to hear hoofbeats behind me, just in case my friends chased after me. Nothing. Whew! Slowly, I pulled Stormy up. I’m never going to leave you, and I hope you’re never going to leave me. I whispered to my dark gelding

Soundlessly, I walked through the dark forest. I hadn’t noticed before that there were shadows. Shadows covered the winding path, they creeped up the silent trees, and through the river. They won’t leave me alone, they’re everywhere. What have I done? Galloped through the deep dark forest, or ruined my life forever? Getting away was all I could think of right now, away from evil, closer to good. No way could I go back, Stormy would get sold in a flash, I couldn’t go back. Even if I wanted to, these shadows stopped me, they crowded me, and blocked my way, yet they were not solid, they would not move….

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

In a comment on her blog, I suggested four possible plots for the ending. Bronte preferred option 3.


I pressed Stormy on deeper into the forest in the hope of finding a safe refuge. I could see Stormy was nervous at the unfamiliar sounds we passed.

It was daytime yet it seemed this part of the forest rarely felt the warming sun. Eerie shadows in every direction waited for my frightened imagination to create dark creatures.

Without warning, Stormy stopped. His ears flicked around as though he was intent of finding the source of a sound, a sound my human ears couldn’t detect. I felt a sudden chill down my spine. Fear or the cold hand of a monster testing its prey, I couldn’t tell.

A terrifying sound ripped through the now frigid air. Stormy, startled beyond calming, reared up causing me to lose balance. I felt myself falling towards the shadowed ground…

My head ached as I stirred, “Mum?”

No answer.


No answer.

I tried opening my eyes but was met with darkness. The chill in the air brought me to my senses. I remembered Stormy and our escape.


He always came when I called yet not a sound was heard. I was alone. There was no hint of sunlight in the trees above, no shadows on the ground. All had been swallowed by the darkness of the night.

Remembering my house key, I fumbled through my pocket. Relieved, I pulled out the key and felt the small torch attached. Pushing the button, light flicked through the nearby bushes.

A sound! I turned the torch in the direction I thought was the source.

Rustling leaves.

The same terrifying sound I remembered before falling from Stormy.

Light, two red eyes staring back at me. I stood frozen as the eyes approached. The eyes became a shape looming out of the darkness. I couldn’t move.

Wait, something familiar, “Dusty?”

A wag of a tail when the light revealed darkness’s secret. It was my dog, Dusty. He must have followed our trail.

“Let’s go home, boy,” I said glad of the company and the comfort of torchlight.

Arriving home, I saw people gathered.

“There she is!” one called.

My mum and dad ran over, dad picking me up in his strong arms. I felt safe at last.

Mum had tears in her eyes as she asked, “Where have you been? Stormy returned hours ago without you. We had people searching for you.”

“I.. I was thrown and hit my head. When I woke up, Stormy was gone and it was dark. Dusty found me and led me home.”

Dad was worried, “Why did you ride off like that? One of your friend’s said she saw you disappear into the forest.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I explained, “I heard you say you had to sell the horse. I didn’t want to lose Stormy.”

“Horse?” Dad gave a relieved laugh. “I said house. Your mother and I were talking about your grandma’s old house we needed to sell. We’re not selling Stormy.”

If it wasn’t for the dirt on my face from the fall, I know everyone would have seen me blush with embarrassment. We thanked all of those who had helped search for me.

The bump on my head checked by a doctor, clean and very tired, I was put to bed. I nodded off quickly and dreamed of future adventures with Stormy… but maybe not back in that forest.

4 thoughts on “Bronte asked visitors to her blog if they could finish her story

  1. Bronte

    Dear Ross,
    thank you so much for leaving an extended comment for me!
    I LOVED the story, it’s very detailed and… what’s the word? All I can think of right now is…… Ameriffic! Amazing and teriffic!
    I’m so sorry the comment is so short, I have to go,

    1. rossmannell

      Post author

      Hello Bronte,

      Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was you age. It’s probably one of the reasons I enjoy blogging and commenting. 🙂

      Ross Mannell


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