Sam’s Creaking Door – for 4KM and 4KJ

For 4KM and 4KJ’s original post…

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Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

I always enjoy a good story beginning. You asked us to predict what might happen next. I love a writing challenge.

Here is what 4KM and 4KJ shared…

The door creaked as Sam carefully pushed it open. It took a few moments for Sam’s eyes to adjust to the dark. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could hear herself breathing heavily.

Sam’s mind was racing with thoughts of what she might find inside the small room. She made herself take a step forward. Suddenly, something caught her eye and she jumped…

My prediction of what happened next…

A voice was heard, “What brings you here child?”

Recovering from her initial surprise, Sam studied the little creature before her. It was small and green but it’s care-worn face spoke of wisdom and great age. Not human-like yet, somehow, it seemed familiar, at least to Sam’s eyes.

Again the voice, “Are you deaf, child? What brings you here?”

“I… I… I…”, Sam couldn’t bring herself to say more.

“Strange child, you have but two eyes yet you speak of three. Where is your third eye? Is it on the back of your head?”

“You… you… you…”, Sam was still lost for words.

“First three eyes and now you speak of sheep. What a strange creature you are. You are a giant with long string on your head. Your fur is of different colours and your feet are hard and leathery. Can you not speak more?” the creature asked.

Sam finally recovered, “I beg your pardon. You surprised me when I first saw you. I have two eyes and no sheep. The string is my hair, the fur my clothing and the hard and leathery feet are shoes.”

“Finally,” the small creature smiled. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam. Are you who I think you are?” she asked.

“I’m who I think I am. Who do YOU think I am?” the creature asked.

“Are you Alice’s caterpillar?” Sam asked hesitantly.

“Yes,” came the reply. “The White Rabbit sent me to remind you you’re late. Come, we must go.”

My challenge to anyone interested: Now, what do you think Sam did next?

5 thoughts on “Sam’s Creaking Door – for 4KM and 4KJ

  1. Chloe

    To Ross,
    Hi Im Chloe and what I think happened to Sam next was she went to wonderland and met Alice but in the story Sam did all the things Alice did.
    From Chloe (4KM)

  2. Lilli (4KM)

    Dear Ross,

    WOW! You went to a lot of effort to make this post and I love it!

    I thought you made it very interesting! When people were reading it I kept on wanting to know what would happen next! It was great!

    From your friend in 4KM,
    Lilli =)

    1. rossmannell

      Post author

      Dear Lilli,

      Thank you for your comment. Story writing is a hobby of mine. In this case, on reading the opening paragraphs, the story came quickly to mind. Writing can be like that. Somethings sparks your imagination and the ideas flow. Everyone has stories to tell. We need only take time to share them. 🙂



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