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Dear Liv,

Welcome to the world of blogging.

It is obvious you enjoy tennis. Not too far from my house there is a tennis club with three courts. Children often attend to learn tennis and play games. There are also tennis competitions for all ages but I don’t think the club has had a big name player start there as yet.

When I comment on blogs, I sometimes see a post where I want to share a longer comment of perhaps photos, video and/or sound. Your post is one of these because of one of the questions you asked. Let’s look at your questions but I’ll leave your first question to last because it will have the longest answer.

If you know any tennis players, who do you think will win the French Open?

Perhaps what surprised me most was the elimination of Serena Williams in round one. It shows us even some of the best players can have bad days. Injuries can also slow players.

Do you have any cool facts to share about tennis or your favourite sport?

What I find interesting is how long tennis in some form has been played. Henry VIII was a fan of tennis. Here is a Wikipedia link with some information on the history of tennis…

Do you know any interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower or France?

Below are some photos I took in 2010. They are taken from different directions. If you get to see it one day, you’ll find long lines if you want to ride the elevators up. It can take hours of waiting so it’s good to have more than one person to take turns in lines. You will also find many people selling miniature Eiffel Towers and other souvenirs.

Schools and students have permission to use these Eiffel Tower graphics for non-commercial, educational purposes.

You can click on a photo to enlarge it. When you click a photo, it will take you to a new page with just the one photo. Click the photo again and it will enlarge.

For the history and information about the Eiffel Tower, here is a Wikipedia link…

If you do travel to France, knowing some French is an advantage but you’ll find many people know some English. I found the people I met very friendly but I think they were amused by a big, Aussie guy wearing an Akubra hat. One even asked if I was from Texas and I explained the hat was an Australian Akubra. 🙂

Did you know Brisbane has an Eiffel Tower? It sits above an Italian Restaurant. Of course it is not even close to the height of the real one but I can say I've sat under the Eiffel Tower (replica) and enjoyed a meal. Here is a link with some information about Brisbane's little bit of Paris.

I hope you keep blogging.


Teacher, NSW, Australia