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·  How is this piece of music similar/different to what you normally like to listen to?

I have some music in my collection reminding me of this piece. They are attempts to tell stories in music, what you might call rock operas. Examples are Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” and Elton John’s “Tommy”.


·  What do you think the story is about?

It seems to be about the battle between good and evil where evil is greed and good is wanting a peaceful life. When greed takes hold, we run the risk of destroying the world we all rely on.

·  What or who do you think the monkey is?

I think monkey might be the environment or the world itself.

·  Does it make you sad or happy?  Why?

Neither happy nor sad, I was more curious about the content.

·  What instruments can you hear in the music?

There seems to be guitars, strings, sythesiser, vocals and keyboard. Of course, these days the only instruments might have come from a computer.

I found this link to the lyrics for the music…


·  Who do you think is in the painting?   Who is the lady?  Is it her baby?

Rory had me stumped at first. I recognised the painting as one of many Madonna and child paintings but at first I thought it might be by Raphael.

·  Do you think this is a scene the painter had seen?  Why?

I suspect this isn’t any particular scene as other versions show different locations.

·  Can you find out what the painting is called and/or who painted it?

It took me a little time and research to realise this was Virgin and Child ('The Madonna of the Yarnwinder') by Leonardo da Vinci although I have found there are more than one versions of the painting. Perhaps some were painted by students of da Vinci.

·  Does it look old or new to you?  Why?

The painting is around 500 years old. It’s the style and technique of the painting suggesting it is quite old. As I have said, I at first thought it was by Raphael who was around at the same time as da Vinci.

·  What do you think the painting is about?

It is a painting of faith and may have been painted for a wealthy family.

·  Would you want this on your wall?  Why/Why not?

Considering the beauty and history of the piece, it would be wonderful to be hang it on my wall but I wouldn’t. Security would always be a concern. My research shows it had been stolen in 2003 but was recovered in 2007.


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