The family farm for someone who loves everything farming

The first two pictures show the family farm before the last of the cows were moved to my cousin's new farm. The remaining photos are of the farm in late 2010 without cows and before the final hand over to the new owners. Between the time of the sale and the hand over, rain had fallen and grass had grown long without cows to keep it low. The farm has now been turned over to beef cattle. They require less water. My cousin's new farm has access to irrigation and has greater protection from future drought.

Schools and students have permission to use these graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.

2 thoughts on “The family farm for someone who loves everything farming

  1. Denise

    What a nice idea to make extended comments to students. The photos of the family farm are beautiful. It’s neat to see what happened when the Holsteins were moved away.

    Thanks again for all you do for the children in the blogosphere!


    1. rossmannell

      Post author

      Hi Denise,
      The idea for an extended comments blog came about because I was making some comments too long for inclusion on someone else’s blog and/or wanted to add photos, audio or video to enhance the comment. It seemed the best way not to clutter another’s blog.


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