Photos for Ellie and others interested in flowers of my local area

Hello Ellie,

I've pulled some photos of flowers from my collection so you can see the types of colours I see when out walking. Most are in the wild. Some are from gardens. Many are native to my area. Perhaps my two favourites are grevillias and banksias. Grevillias have wonderful colours and nectar many birds in my area love. Banksias are unusual in shape and popular with bees and honeyeater birds.

Strange though, when I went through my collection, I was able to group the flowers into orange, purple, red, white and yellow but I didn't have any blue flowers. The colours photographed are common around here but I can't remember photographing any blue flowers.

Here is a collection of colours...

Schools and students have permission to use any of these graphics for non-commercial, educational purposes.

3 thoughts on “Photos for Ellie and others interested in flowers of my local area

  1. Ellie

    Dear Mr. Mannell,

    Thanks for the post. I really love the flowers in your neighborhood. I especially cherish the purple. I have many purple flowers in my back yard. I treasure these white flowers in my back yard. They hang and they look like horns, but they are miniature.

    Once when I went to Yosemite, we camped at Tuolomne Meadows and they had many flowers. Most of the time when we go there, there are no flowers in the meadow, but one time we went there, there were sparse flowers throughout the meadow. Most of the flowers were all the colors except for blue. The only place I know were blue flowers are at my Grandma’s house. She has blue and white hydrangeas in her yards.

    Your blogging buddy,

    1. rossmannell

      Post author

      Dear ♥Ell♥e♥,

      I’m glad you liked the photos. Flowers are great to see when out walking and, unlike animals, are easy to photograph.

      I have seen pictures of Yosemite and know how beautiful it can be. While we have spectacular scenery in Australia, I don’t know anywhere as spectacular as Yosemite.


  2. Ellie and Acacia

    Dear Mr. Mannell,

    We wish those flowers were in our neighborhood, but we have many flowers in our community too. For example, we have daisies, lupines, and sunflowers. This neighborhood has many trees like the oak tree, sequoia, and the pine tree. Ellie is going to climb Half Dome in Little Yosemite, so we can look at many flowers and the whole park from the top.

    We have some questions:

    Have you ever seen any pictures of Half Dome?

    Are there any special kinds of flowers or trees in NSW( New South Wales)?

    How many flowers do you have in your backyard?

    How many trees do you have in your backyard?

    What national parks do you go to the most?

    What is your favorite kind of flower?

    What is your favorite tree in the U.S you have seen in a picture?

    Your blogging buddy,
    ♥Ell♥e♥ and ಢAcacia✄


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