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Global Grade 3

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Hello Global Grade 3,

We meet once again. 🙂

What is global citizenship?

I like the definition. We are all citizens of one world, our home, our Earth. As in all societies, our global society contains people who are good citizens. There are those who see their role as making our world a better place. There are those who seem more intent on serving only themselves and there are some who know only their own small piece of the world.

Global Grade 3 is a good name for your blog because you are amongst our global citizens who are trying to make the world a better place. Your steps may be small but we can never really know the long-term effect of the small things we do to improve our world.


Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?

The Butterfly Effect comes from chaos theory, an area of study in mathematics.  Chaos theory looks at what can happen with very small changes at the beginning.

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What does this have to do with global citizenship?

Let me explain.

The Butterfly Effect suggests that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world might result in a tornado in another part of the world.

It doesn’t mean the butterfly caused a tornado but the flapping of its wings, although small in amount, might create tiny electrical charges in the atmosphere that might speed up, delay or even prevent a tornado.

What an interesting idea. Here’s how I think this relates indirectly to global citizenship.

You have set something in motion by helping Q’enqo. In respects to the world, this may seem only a small act but think of what this can mean for the future if we consider the Butterfly Effect and relate it to humans.

Today a library is active in Q’enco where once there was none. A child walks in and borrows a book you have helped make available. With help, the child learns to read. That child then teaches others who pass it on to more. Think of the amazing numbers this can lead to if each child taught by that one passes on their learning to only four others…

1 becomes 4.

4 becomes 16.

16 becomes 64.

Their learning is passed to other villages, each new learner passes on to four more. Look at the number sequence grow…

1, 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16384, 65536, 262144, 1048576

From that one child teaching four whom each pass to four, in only 10 steps one million people might benefit. It may not be quite that simple but, as you can see, from a simple beginning, great things can grow.



Keep up the effort for positive global change.

@RossMannell     Teacher, NSW, Australia

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