For Alexandra & her Grand Canyon vacation post

Dear Alexandra,

Without doubt, one of the places I would most like to visit if I made it to the US is the Grand Canyon. I have watched a number of television programs featuring this amazing place.

I know the Grand Canyon has great significance for native American people and, according to Wikipedia, it is known as Ongtupqa to the Hopi and Wi:kaʼi:la to the Yavapai.

I’m also fascinated be the geology of the canyon. As you travel down into the valley, it’s like a time machine for geological history. I’ve read rocks date from about 200 million years old to nearly 2 billion years old. That’s some time machine in rocks. Fossils, fossil footprints, metamorphic (changed) rocks would all make it an interesting place for me let alone seeing the animal life and learning more about the culture of Native Americans.

Have you ever watched the cartoon, “The Flintstones”? I can remember one funny episode when Fred took his family to see the Grand Canyon. It was a small, toe-deep “canyon” with a trickle of water Fred said scientists thought would one day be a huge canyon. Of course, if Fred’s “canyon” were correct, it would only have been that tiny well  before cavemen were around.


I didn't have a picture of Fred in my graphics library so I had to draw one to show you him.

I see you also visited the Glenn Canyon. I hadn’t heard of this one but I had heard of Powell Dam. By chance, a person in my town had family videos he had taken at Powell Dam with his young family (he is a US citizen living here). He asked me if I could convert video tapes of his Lake Powell visits to DVDs. As I did this, I saw some of the beautiful scenery, including Rainbow Bridge. What an amazing place!

A video clip of Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge taken with an old hand held video camera.

Thanks for sharing information about your Spring Break vacation. Perhaps one day I might see Grand Canyon in person as well. 🙂


Teacher, NSW, Australia

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